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Food News From Around The World

This week in food news, we will focus largely on wieners…

-  Stop telling yourself that you’re going to start cooking more and just do it. Here are some helpful suggestions to get you started.  [Lifehacker]

-  How much does your wiener cost?  [Business Week]

-  Like him or not, Jamie Oliver has been at the forefront of changing the way the world thinks about food.  [Healthy Child]

-  $250 a plate for this chef’s cock and balls. Sorry, no substitutions. [Huffington Post]

-  Toronto Farmers’ Market schedule for all you Torontonians looking for good food this summer. [The GridTO]

-  Ohhhh. That’s why Mario Batali isn’t on Iron Chef anymore. I’d have to agree with him.  [Eater]

-  Never underestimate the power of a nine-year-old’s blog: [Grist]

-  I bet you’re not as good at grilling sausages as you think you are: [Serious Eats]

-  Smashing food to classical music. Sure, I’ll watch that:  [Lifehacker]

-  Respect watermelon, respect. You just earned yourself a spot in my summer.  [Kegworks]

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  1. Yessir. Yes we can.

  2. I really really want to tap a melon keg. can we?

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